Every SmashPack is meant for 2 players! That means it has a pair of giveaways in each Pack, this signifies this life-saving cause where every patient who needs a transplant needs a willing donor. (It takes two!). 


Each Pack contains a tube of Airshuttles which can last you for many days and hours of play as it is more durable compared to the 'feathered' shuttlecock.

Plus, mystery giveaways are included too!

Let's get active together and raise awareness for the cause!


  • 'Early Bird' SmashPack will contain a tube of Airshuttles with a pair of notebooks, water bottles, socks, sports wrist bands and other mystery goodies and promo codes. 

  • BMDP will deliver the SmashPack to your residence (Price inclusive of delivery)

  • By requesting a SmashPack, you will also be included on a special 4 part educational email journey on marrow donation. 

  • Note: This is purely an awareness event and the amount you are paying is a token for participation




Match For Life (MFL) is an event organized by The Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) for the purpose of raising awareness of the urgent need for volunteer marrow donors to join, register and support its life-saving cause.

By participating in MFL through the purchase of this SmashPack, you agree to:
- Receive from BMDP, MFL partners or sponsors MFL updates, e-vouchers / promotional offers (by e-mail, WhatApp or e-messaging services) that are part of the MFL SmashPack giveaways.

- Receive from BMDP educational / outreach content through digital media and mobile devices (e-newsletters, WhatsApp / SMS).


You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data provided for the purpose(s) stated above. You acknowledge that the information provided above is accurate and complete to your knowledge.

You acknowledge that your personal data will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) and BMDP Data Protection Policy which can be read at


You acknowledge that in accordance with the PDPA, you may exercise your right to access, modify and/or delete my registered records. For inquiries, please write to our Data Protection Officer at


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  • Raise awareness for the cause with every purchase of a SmashPack.